Thursday, December 29, 2011


Let’s talk hair…

I’ve had some pretty bad haircuts in my time. I have been blessed with strawberry-blonde, straight hair that people swear I color. I really don’t!

There was the time that my step-mom got my hair cut really short and I looked like a boy. That was rough…I went from having pencil-straight hair down my back to really short above my shoulders hair.

Of course I can’t forget the 3rd grade picture where my mom claims that I slept on my bangs wrong…uh yeah, pretty sure to this day that she had cut them really crooked!

Then there was the bad perm when I was in elementary school. Come on – it was the eighties and expected! (No, I’m not THAT old!)

I also had the stress haircuts in college when I didn’t know what else to do to deal with my stress so I would get my hair cut. No kidding…I did that. A lot! But it normally stayed around shoulder length.

I have never dyed my hair, have only had it highlighted twice, and typically seem to follow Jennifer Aniston’s haircuts. Come on – admit it – you know she has great hair! The latest and greatest great idea I had was about 6 months ago when I decided to chop my hair again (it was pretty much in the middle of my back) because Jen had a really cute bob that I NEEDED to have. I came home to work out, tried to pull my hair back, and started to cry! But I have lived to tell the tail tale. J

I’ve played with the wavy hair idea too –

Where is all of this hair stuff going you ask? I am trying somewhat unsuccessfully to get to the company of the day – Emi-Jay.  

“Once upon a time lived two girls who were meant to design
Hair accessories that were very unique, and one of a kind
Emi + Jay are normal teens who reside in L.A.
They decided to create something special that could make your day
They have a passion for all things related to fashion
Teen Vogue subscriptions, satin bows & more
Those are just a few things that the girls adore”

They make some of the greatest hair ties I have ever seen – and they make cute bracelets when you put your hair tie on your wrist like so many of us do. They also have great headbands, bows, and even some accessories too.

And speaking of Jennifer Aniston, she has been spotted wearing the Emi-Jay hair ties. What other celebs are fans of them? Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Kium, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Demi Lovato, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dakota Fanning just to name a few.

“A portion of our proceeds are donated to charity
So know when buying an Emi Jay creation, you are helping someone in need”.
Some of the charities that they support include: Operation Smile, Susan G. Komen, Locks of Love, and Toys for Tots.

I think this quote from their site says it best:
“Why so impressed? These hair ties are the brainchild of L.A. teens, who are donating the proceeds to Locks of Love” Marie Claire Magazine.

To get more information about the girls and what they do –check out I’m sure you will be just as impressed as I am too!

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