Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So-Me Designs

Today I had the chance to spend a wonderful evening with some great friends and their amazing baby girl - she is so cute! She is about  3 ½ months and is growing so quickly! It is amazing how a little smile from her can make their entire day better.

I spent a good portion of our evening together holding and rocking her – to which I quickly discovered how out of shape I am right now.  I was finally able to rock her to sleep – amazing how the baby bounce seems to come so naturally! :)  I put her in her crib and then watched as my arms started to quiver and hands shake once I put her down.  I think I will survive and I got a great workout in tonight anyway!

While I was doing my research on the company that I am featuring today I came across this which made me think of her:

*Love your mother onesie
How cute is this!?

The company that makes these onesie is called So-Me Designs.

A few other shirts that I really like are:
Love Wins t-shirt
Music is color blind t-shirt

“So-Me was founded with two goals in mind. First, to raise awareness about social issues through fashion and second to raise money for global humanitarian causes.”

A percentage of your purchase of any of their merchandise goes to support their non-profit No More Tears as well as a few other non-profits that carry ideals that are very dear to So-Me.

“No More Tears is a non-for profit organization with a focus on helping immigrant women in the United States who are victims of spousal abuse. Many of these women are brought to America via arranged marriages and are scared to speak out against their oppressor due to the ramifications they will face in their home country or for the fear of being sent back. No More Tears works with these women in helping to provide them with legal counsel, financial assistance and psychotherapy. We work with these women in not only wiping away the tears, but also making sure that there are No More Tears!”

If you are looking for a cute little onsie for that special little one in your life or even a t-shirt for you please take a look at the selection at So-Me Designs. You might find something that you like and will be able to help someone in need. 


  1. This is wonderful. Kelly! Thank you so much for supporting No More Tears and its mission. Awareness is the key for this extremely prevalent issue. Your post will actively contribute towards saving more victims of abuse. All of us at No More Tears are extremely grateful to you for your genuine care!

    Somy Ali

  2. Somy - Thank you so much for the gracious comment. Abuse is an issue that is close to my heart and I appreciate your support as well. I hope that with my blog I am able to help more people.

    Please feel free to become a follower and pass the information about Shop Good - Do Good along to anyone who might be interested.

    Thank you again!