Friday, January 20, 2012

Crocodile Baby

Friday Funny!
These  pictures were taken during a trip to Universal Studios, Orlando, FL.  
Keep an eye on the little boy in the red shorts. You will thank me for it! 
The water is coming, the water is coming!!! Run! Quick!!!


Wait for it!
Ohhhh! Gotta get closer!

Here it comes!

“I’m so excited!!!” BELLY!!!!!!
Oh boy!!!
And there it is! 
I hope that these pictures made you smile! We can’t look at them without cracking up – EVERY TIME! 

Maybe you had to be there, but the little boy’s face and that belly grab/rub was priceless! I just hope that whoever’s child this is doesn’t hate us for this. J

And speaking of kids I have a great company to talk about that makes baby products. They are located in Canada so please keep that in mind when looking at their products – everything is listed in Canadian dollars. But in the spirit of featuring as many good companies and products that I can, I wanted to be sure to tell you about them.

(Here is a currency converter in case you are interested in finding out how much your items will cost:

This company is called Crocodile Baby.

“Our focus is on Organic, Natural, Safe, Elegant, Sustainable and Durable for everything you need for your baby and nursery. This is a philosophical stance – Organic cotton for toys, clothes and mattresses is desirable because your baby chews on the toys and clothes and sleeps on the crib mattress. We want to reduce any and all possibility that he/she is ingesting or breathing chemicals that are not healthy.

Natural materials, such as wood rather than plastic for toys or natural rubber rather than foam in mattresses and pacifiers, are better for the baby in our opinion. We pride ourselves in offering the Safest car seats and offering the Safest crib mattresses – we want to get to zero off-gasses in your Healthy Nursery! Some of the cribs and dressers we offer are Greenguard certified.”

They produce organic and sustainable baby products- everything ranging from organic baby clothing to organic baby carriers to organic baby food to organic baby toys and more!
Crocodile Baby - Organic baby clothes and products Crocodile Baby - Organic baby clothes and productsCrocodile Baby - Organic baby clothes and products

Crocodile Baby - Organic baby toys and products  Crocodile Baby - Organic baby bedding and products  Crocodile Baby - Organic baby toys and products

Crocodile also offers sustainable baby furniture. “Sustainability in baby furniture means never having to throw something away because it has outlived its usefulness…Sustainable baby gear generates extra value for the consumer and reduces the use of our landfills – hah! Profitable environmentalism!”
Crocodile Baby - Sustainable baby furniture and organic baby products  Crocodile Baby - Sustainable baby furniture and organic baby products
I don’t have any babies *yet* but some day when we do, I want to make sure that I have the best for them – as I imagine most parents do! Please take a look at Crocodile baby and see what good you can do for your baby.

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