Monday, January 23, 2012

Dagoba Organic Chocolate

Here’s a good story from a few years ago.

We had just bought a new house…well, not entirely new, but new to us.
For whatever reason, the previous owners had the house built with white/cream colored carpets.

And they left A LOT of the walls white. 

I can’t deal with that – I MUST have color!!!

One of the projects that I decided to take on (one of the many projects) was to paint the master bedroom.

And I decided that I wanted to paint one wall a dark chocolate brown.

So paint day, I get all of my materials together, take them up to the bedroom, and put drop cloths along the edge of the room against the hubby’s wishes – he wanted me to cover ALL of the carpet – but why? I was only painting one wall???

And then I quickly found out why!

Yep…knocked over the can of paint – dark brown + clean white carpet = major OOOOPPPPPSSSS!!!

If my mom had known years ago, that even after my 9 years of dance lessons, I would still be this clumsy and this big of a klutz, my middle name would have been Grace. J I take it in stride!

I mean it takes serious talent to trip UP the stairs. Oh yeah – I can do it! All the time!!!

So there’s the chocolate brown paint…how about we talk about chocolate-chocolate – as in Dagoba Organic Chocolate?
Dagoba Organic Chocolate -

What makes this chocolate so good?                     Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Dagoba favories gift set:
Other than all of the wonderful flavors that they offer…  

Well, they are organic and they have an award-winning chocolate collection that includes 17 bars made from sustainably grown, organic cacao.

Not only do they offer chocolate bars, but they have drinking chocolate, baking chocolate, and various gifts for that hard to shop for person on your list.
Dagoba Organic Chocolate - drinking chocolate trio:      Dagoba Organic Chocolates: chocolate lover's gift basket
“Our Full Circle Sustainability commitment means we seek to better our business, our products, and ourselves in the areas of quality, equity, and community.”

“Over the past two years, our partnership with the Upala Cacao Cooperative in Costa Rica has helped cacao farmers reforest land for greater economic opportunity and environmental restoration. The four year goal of the program is to plant 240,000 seedlings (80% cacao, 20% native species).”

They carry the Fair Trade designation on a number of their products, they have partnered with non-profit greening programs, and have donated many chocolate bars to non-profits and other groups to help make a difference.  

Chocolate is good! Buy some!!!

Here are a few suggestions for you too – they are on my wish list if anyone wants to send any to me!
Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Lavender Blueberry Bar:
Lavender Blueberry Bar
Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Dark chocolate blended with mint oil and rosemary essence:
Dark chocolate blended with mint oil and rosemary essence
Dagoba Organic Chocolate - beaucoup berries (pure vanilla, dried cranberries and cherries blended with dark chocolate:
beaucoup berries (pure vanilla, dried cranberries
and cherries blended with dark chocolate
 In case you wondered – I was able to get the chocolate brown paint out of the carpet with a whole lot of passes with the carpet steamer.

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