Monday, January 9, 2012

FEARLESS Chocolate

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

One of the craziest for me is probably the time that I went SCUBA diving at the Pit Cenote outside of Cancun, Mexico.

Let me set the stage for you…

Imagine driving in a Jeep or SUV or truck down a road dirt path until you can’t go any further. 
*Picture from*
 You get out, put all of our SCUBA gear on, and then continue walking about another 100 yards in your wetsuit, in the 95+ degree heat.

And then you come to this:   
*I admit - I found this picture online and I don't know these guys*
Yep! You got it!

This is what we jumped or should I say took a giant stride off of. If I jumped, I would have hit my head off of a tree. If I didn’t take a big enough step I would have hit my tank off of the side of the cliff. But then to add another element of difficulty, there was the fact that there was a slight decline on the area where we had to stand.

Oh and did I mention that it is about a 20 foot drop? Yeah – not kidding!

I somehow managed to edge my way to the end of it after a lot of psyching myself up.

We weren’t allowed to have our BCDs inflated because they would explode when we hit, no masks because they would fly off, and holding our fins.

I don’t know if you have ever gone SCUBA diving, but it’s pretty difficult to swim with gear on (including weights) and no fins. Luckily we had the dive master there and he pulled us up as we hit the water.

We were also supposed to hold our regulators in our mouth (*air supply) and hold our nose with the same hand.

I FINALLY decided to go for it.

I hit the water, my hand flew off of my nose, water blasted my sinuses, and when I came up I was apparently hyperventilating.

Hey! I never said that I was brave – I just had a moment of being fearless!

And being FEARLESS is what today’s company is all about – FEARLESS

FEARLESS is inspired by you who have the courage to dream and act!”

“TRADITIONAL CHOCOLATE bars are made with heavily roasted cacao beans. Each FEARLESS Chocolate Bar is crafted with unroasted Cacao beans and other uncooked and unprocessed ingredients. We slow-grind the Cacao at temperatures well underneath 118F and introduce our unique mixtures of ingredients at even lower temperatures in order to preserve the natural nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, and oils present in these natural whole foods.”

The FEARLESS line consists of 75% Midnight, 70% Matcha Green Tea & Peppermynt, 70% Super Seeds, 70% Exploding Coconuts, and 70% Sweet & Hot Hibiscus Ginger. They all look so yummy – I definitely need to get some of these!

They also offer the Eat Me Mail Express Subscription where you will “receive exotically crafted chocolate bars, truffles, elephant shaped edibles, chocolate covered moustachios or whatever we decide to make each round. These treats are delivered to your home or office. A great way to taste rare treats that must be made in small batches.”

FEARLESS devotes a 1% “bite” of its annual profits to changemakers suggested by our customers. We seek to support co-inspirators who use wild and wondrous creativity to enrich our world.”

“Customers frequently invite us to learn about amazing people and projects around the world. We gather these stories throughout the year. Each December we invite those who have made suggestions to vote among us choosing a single champion to offer our primary support. Many of the suggested changemakers (individuals and/or Organizations) will also receive gifts of chocolate and our humble appreciation of their inspiring accomplishments.”

Not only do you get to experience some amazing chocolate treats, but you have the change to help someone else too! I like chocolate – how about you?

Do it! You know you want to!!!

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