Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Satya Jewelry

The holidays are over, the Christmas decorations are put away, most of the cookies have been eaten, the extra weight gained, and resolutions to lose that weight are made! *I personally don’t do resolutions – I would just break them within a month anyway. Hey! At least I’m honest about it!

I’m always conflicted at this time as to whether to be happy or sad. I’m so excited that everything is going back to normal – the house is back to how it is supposed to be…it always amazes me that the tree and other random decorations take up so much space.  I do really find it so great to put everything away and be able to put the furniture back.

But at the same time, it’s always so nice to spend time with friends and family that you don’t get to see very often. And now is when they all go home, back to work, or just get back to the normal busy routines that take a backseat to holiday festivities.

I hope you had a great holiday this year and have a wonderful 2012!

We are plowing forward to Valentine’s Day now people!  Time to pick out cute jewelry or other things that we don’t really need, but get to receive because Hallmark says that’s how it should be. THANKS HALLMARK! J

Have you heard of Satya Jewelry?

“Satya means truth in Sanskrit. This name is a reminder that being authentic is more than just an important value—it’s the compass that guides the designers and their customers on their journeys. The Satya woman is an explorer who approaches life as a journey, who is open to discovery and the adventure of the new and unfamiliar. She is engaged with her own inner journey, committed to staying true to herself. Satya Jewelry is about creating pieces with sensual appeal and meaning, that delight, inspire and empower the wearer. Most of all, Satya and Beth love seeing these designs cherished because of what they symbolize to those who wear them and share them as gifts. Satya Jewelry celebrates the adventures of lives lived fearlessly.”

They have some really cute jewelry including this:

*”Your purchase of this bracelet serves as a gesture of love and compassion for those who still need our help to heal. Soothing round orbs of deep blue-green turquoise accented with ropes of shimmering white freshwater pearls circle your wrist, reminding you that faith in human nature and the promise of the future bring us all together on this earth. Turquoise soothes the soul and brings about healing, while pearl symbolizes faith and purity of spirit. A simple, elegant disc pendant reads “hope” for a note of clarity. Bring hope to the world around you, and let this bracelet remind you every day to believe, to hope, and above all to care. The Satya Foundation donates 100% of the proceeds from this necklace to GiveLove. Help us reach our goal to donate $10,000 each month. Together we can help rebuild Haiti.”


*”A beautiful mini etched 18kt gold plate over sterling silver butterfly pendant hangs delicately from a brown silk cord, co-designed by husband and wife partners Courteney Cox and David Arquette along with Satya Jewelry. The butterfly is the symbol of hope and freedom. This necklace was created to benefit the EB Medical Research Foundation, a charity that is close to both of their hearts. EB is a rare skin disease affecting someone near and dear to both David & Courteney. “We are committed to raising awareness and money to help find a cure for EB so these wonderful children can live a healthy and normal life.” “

Satya Jewelry has an entire collection that is dedicated specifically to charitable organizations.  They also have the Satya Foundation. http://satyafoundation.org/programs-and-partnerships/

“Satya Jewelry donates a percentage of sales to children’s organizations through the Satya Foundation.” Some of them include Bent on Learning, Housing Works, Invisible Children, and Yoga for Youth just to name a few.

I think I will be adding the following to my wish list too! It is always fun to have multiple items on the list so at least you are a little surprised when it is time for gifts!

*Future Triumph Bracelet

*Heart of Lotus Ring – Silver & black

This year when you are picking out some ideas for your Valentine to surprise you with, stop by Satya Jewelry and you can benefit someone else in need with your new pretty little something too! 

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