Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olomomo Nut Co.

Today was a little nutty!

I got ready – somehow ended up running late – oh yeah, that’s because I had to get a little more dressed up than the usual business casual that I rock every day (well except for jeans Fridays).

And yes, that did consist of trying on multiple outfits.

I started with a nice pencil skirt, layered top outfit, and promptly decided that it would be too cold and I didn’t feel like dealing with my tights today and did tights really make that a good outfit for the occasion???
Simply Vera Vera Wang Opaque Control-Top Tights
*Vera Wang tights from

So I moved on – but I managed to keep the same shirt combo (even though I wasn’t thrilled with it. But hey – it would work under my jacket!

Pin-striped pants and jacket, white button-up shirt, blue short sleeved top over that.

And really – 2 outfits in the morning isn’t a bad thing necessarily – some would even say that I had a good morning. HA!

I drop the hubby off at work…5 minutes late. L

Get to work, and all madness breaks out. I finally ate lunch around 2:00. Good times!

But it’s all good! I am just super happy to be home, and in my comfy clothes, all worked out (LOVE my elliptical in the basement/game room!), and telling you about another great company and their products.

And tomorrow is Friday! TGIF!!!

End of the nutty week! *Grin*

Speaking of nuts – Olomomo Nut Co. tonight my friends!

They have various kinds of almonds and some pretty great looking pecans too! “5% of online sales will be donated to help at-risk youth gain employment!”


“Olomomo is committed to creating the healthiest flavored nuts on the market with minimal environmental impact. It hasn't been super easy - we have been using biodegradable packaging for a year and a half and already had a lot of trouble with using biodegradable cellophane bags for our smaller sized products. Unfortunately, the bags broke too easily, and it turns out that producing cellophane isn't so good for the environment.

So - we switched to polypropylene bags for the time being. We're still working on a packaging solution that we're proud of, but for now, if you care about the packaging (like we do), the coffee bags we use for our 10 oz bags are still backyard compostable (biodegradable).”

In addition to their sustainability efforts, they also promote fair trade and human rights. Whenever possible they are using organic ingredients as well.

Olomomo has also been donating to various charities since they have started. This year “Olomomo is partnering with Citizen Effect to raise $1,000 for a project called "A Ganar" that uses sports such as soccer as a catalyst for teaching kids self-sufficiency and job skills.”

Check out to get more info about the causes they support.

So next time you are feeling a little nutty and can use something tasty to help ease your way through the day get some Olomomo Nuts to help you on your way!!!

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