Wednesday, January 4, 2012


There I was sitting at work for the 2nd late night in a row.
Okay – not so much.
Ah the joys of being an accountant and dealing with month and year end.
It’s ok though.
Because of this, I get to share this gem of a story to tell you about tonight.

We were sitting at our desks, just ate our dinners (yes, we get to order food if we work until a certain time), and one of my co-workers was re-energized and ready to go. Not to do work, but to entertain.

We got sang to –he was streaming music through his computer and had found a station that played mostly songs from the 90’s – including Kris Kross (sadly, I remembered how to spell that, and yes, I Googled it to confirm), and other such classics.

He then moved on to threatening to do cartwheels (yes, we were obviously that busy…don’t ask).

I was waiting for him to bust a move and dance to some of the 90’s classics, but we weren’t that lucky.

I decided it might be a really fun thing to record his amazing lyrical renditions, but decided against it as he would definitely be sure to get revenge, and I didn’t want to be on the other side of that!

“Oh child, things are going to get easier…no their not; oh child things are going to get brighter…that’s not the case!” Yeah that was one of the ones he decided to sing to us while adding his own commentary to it (referring to our month ends). At that point, I would say that we were all slap happy and just ready to go home.

*No this isn't really my co-worker
Remember having Monday off? Well, we did. BUT we made up for it in the last 2 days. Happy New Year! :P

So back to that dancing that didn’t happen – we got to watch him race his chair between cubicles and try to avoid hitting the wall. He wasn’t very successful.

I danced for 9 years from the time I was 3 until I was 12. I really enjoyed it but it made me realize how important taking care of your feet can be. This is why I’m going to tell you about Pediped shoes tonight.

I have mentioned before that I love shoes. But what I may have not have told you is that when they come in little feet sizes – I love them that much more!!! (Specifically babies – no, I don’t have a weird thing for feet!)

Pediped has a unique footwear system that consists of three different types of shoes – great for the first steps, next steps, and big steps (as they describe them).

“Why Choose Pediped?

From its inception, pediped® has designed footwear to promote healthy foot development. Our mantra has always been comfort, quality and style, in that order. This is why pediped® shoes were among the first children’s footwear to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development. You can rest assured that pediped® is a footwear company that cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet.”

They have some of the cutest baby/toddler shoes I have seen!

*Seriously!!!! How cute are these?

(They are the Pediped Originals – Natasha)

And they have a great sale page also. I found the next 2 there:
*I think all little girls need some boots. These are the Pediped Flex Carrie (left) and Pediped Originals Hannah (right). If I ever have a little girl I want the Hannah’s for her! Love them! 

Does anyone remember the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted rocked the red boots? Made me think of it when I saw these – much cuter for a little girl though in my opinion!

And of course we can’t forget about the little boys in our lives! I thought these were both adorable too.

*Pediped Flex Adrian (left) and Pediped Flex Oscar (right)

 Besides promoting foot health and making shoes that are "the next best thing to bare feet", Pediped has  started the Pediped Foundation.

“The pediped foundation™ was established in 2010 by the Managing Partners of pediped footwear: co-founders Brian and Angela Edgeworth and their business partner, Rudy Glocker. Philanthropy always was and will continue to be a core value of pediped® footwear.
In its five years of existence, the company has given nearly $1,000,000 worth of product and monetary support to children in need. The establishment of the pediped foundation™ is the next phase to continue and expand upon the pediped® philosophy of giving. We thank you for your interest. We encourage your support of our effort, both in terms of thought, funds and deed.”

“The pediped foundation™ believes that all children should have the ability to become their best selves and works with charities that are dedicated to the health, education, basic necessities and the personal fulfillment of children around the world. The foundation has and will continue to develop relationships with top tier charities across the United States and around the world that focus on these issues. “

Some of the charities that Pediped supports include the Make-a-Wish Foundation, VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Children’s Heart Foundation, Operation Homefront, Toys for Tots, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – and this is nowhere near inclusive of all of their charities.

If you are looking for some shoes that will help your little one and someone else – take a look at the adorable and functional Pediped line. 

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