Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radiant Cosmetics

Does anyone else have the issue where you get something warm to drink and the second that it cools down enough to gulp down you do just that?


It’s just me?

And this problem seems to have gotten worse since I got my new travel mug for Christmas. In the spirit of being green and not using paper cups anymore it was one of the few things that I did ask for this year.

 But seriously, I think it is broken!  

My drink was gone in a matter of minutes – that is, after I initially burnt my mouth and throat. 
Today I was in a bit of a slump so I decided to take a walk after lunch to get a chai tea latte…mmmm!

I got there and ordered one of my favorite pain in the butt drinks – ‘cause that’s what I do!

 “Spiced chai tea latte with skim milk and only a little over half of the mix, please.”

At least I’m nice enough to warn my servers and baristas that I’m a pain. And it’s not high maintenance – I’m just a girl who knows what I like!

As I headed back to my office, I noticed that it was snowing out.

Not the obnoxious gray kind of snow, but the pretty snow-globe type snow that swirls around in big, pretty flakes.

I took a moment to watch, chai tea latte in hand, and realized just how cozy it all felt.

And then I was back to reality when I got back to my desk.

But it’s okay – I just hope you had a moment of relaxation today too!

At this point in the year it’s pretty normal to feel not so “bright” or glow-y. 

You start feeling a little dull – skin might be a little dry and you aren’t so tan…or in my case you might feel like a sibling of Casper.

But to help that, there is always the world of make-up.
Thank goodness!

Today we are going to take a look at Radiant Cosmetics.

The founder, Nicole Marett, had always enjoyed makeup and wanted to become a beauty editor at a fashion magazine. She became friends with a prostitute in Thailand, and saw many of the women who had been trafficked or were working in the commercial sex industry – and she realized that there was something else that she was meant to do.
“I was given a new dream; to run a makeup company that partners with human trafficking organizations financially as well as getting people involved in their own communities physically.”


We are not your ordinary makeup company. We believe that through ordinary purchases we can make a difference in this world. Radiant Cosmetics was built around our passion to fight human trafficking. With every product you purchase we donate our time, money and effort to help fight the injustice.”

“Human trafficking is considered to be one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world, second only to drug dealing, which it’s expected to surpass in the next two years. The United Nations estimates that 27 million people are trafficked annually

They currently donate a minimum of 20% of their profits from each purchase to anti-trafficking organizations. They would like to be able to increase their efforts as the company grows. 

In the meantime, people like us can help them do just this by buying some of their fantastic products.

        Radiant Cosmetics


Do your part to support this cause and try on some of the Radiant Cosmetics - it might just make you feel more radiant during the winter months! 

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