Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So I have to call today Terrible Tuesday.

It was long and somewhat busy, but a mostly average workday.

That wasn’t what made it terrible.

It was terrible because I started out the morning as if I had a nice big drink of Hater-Ade.

There was the morning road rage.

People! It is a tunnel. It won’t eat you – I promise. Please just continue at your normal, posted speed limit and everything will be okay! REALLY!!!!!
Picture from panoramio.com

Oh yeah – and please get out of the fast lane if you aren’t passing people (and remember to use your turn signal when you are moving over….). Sorry!!! (Just a few pet peeves.)

And I’m pretty sure that there was definitely a reference to “Hey – the Fresh Prince called and he said he wants his top back.”  
*Picture from sticoftheweek.blogspot.com

Did I really say that to someone?!??!?! No! I wouldn’t be THAT terrible.

But honestly – I wish I could say that the thought didn’t go through my head.

My achy head! I’ve had a headache for a full day now and I have had enough. It is just making me VERY cranky.  I feel like admitting that is half the battle – I hope!

(My Disclaimer: For those of you who know me and those who are getting to know me – I hope you realize that I NEVER use public forums to vent so please, PLEASE forgive me this one time!)

Okay so enough of the Hater-Ade.

Let’s talk about some super drinks that really are “SuperHealthy, SuperTasty, and SuperGood” – it is Sambazon!  www.sambazon.com

Sambazon offers a variety of açaí juice drinks, energy drinks, fruit smoothies, sorbet, supplements, and a line of functional blends.  They really look amazing, but I haven’t had a chance to give these a try yet…it is definitely on my to-do list though!

Sambazon - Açaí Smoothie Packs:   Sambazon - Açaí Juice Blends:
Sambazon - Açaí Sorbet:   Sambazon - Amazon Energy:

“Sambazon is the global leader in certified organic açaí and Amazon Rainforest superfoods and uses only the finest organic ingredients in our products – selected at the peak of freshness and flavor.”

Now you might be asking – Okay, so what makes them so great? They look like another organic juice line to me….

That’s not the case.

“Sambazon was founded on sustainability. We know that in order to continue providing great tasting, organic açaí products, conserving the rainforest is essential to our growth and development.”

And in addition:

“We encourage individuals and institutions to support social, environmental and scientific programs that will both preserve the Amazon and unlock its potential to aid mankind.”

They have also been making a difference in Brazil:     

“We have been working with the local non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) to build the supply of organic and sustainable açaí. Over 10,000 people in the Amazon help us harvest açaí through our certified organic program. These people now have an incentive to manage their land and protect it for generations to come.
The Sustainable Amazon Partnership is a public and private collaboration to promote lasting sustainable management of the Brasilian Amazon Rainforest.

"Sambazon started the Sustainable Amazon Partnership (“SAP”) as part of our market-driven conservation business model in the Amazon Rainforest. The SAP promotes forest stewardship, creates new jobs, improves living conditions and offers educational opportunities for thousands of small family farmers through the sustainable management of the açaí palm tree."

There is so much more information about them, but I will leave the exploration up to you – please take a look. They are really working to make a difference and they are even offering a chance to win a trip to the Amazon. http://www.sambazon.com/visittheamazon/

I hope you give Sambazon a try! If you get to it before I do, please let me know how it is! 

Oh and if you want - feel free to post your rants of the day in the comments! I'd be happy to listen to you. :) 

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