Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surf Sweets

Tonight my commute home was a bit of a nightmare. Thank you snow. 

And boy was there snow - of course it started just about the same time that rush hour did. 
Don't get me wrong...I enjoy it on certain occasions - like at Christmastime, or when I'm not driving in it, or when I'm sitting at work and I know it will be gone and done by the time I have to drive home. 

Honestly, I prefer snow over rain. Except for the fact that you have to shovel snow, and you don't have to shovel rain. 

The worst is coming back from a 10 day cruise in February, being home for 2 days, and then getting hit with 3 feet of snow. 

Because, yes, that has happened to me. Nothing like shoveling with a tan (or at least as much of a tan that I can come up with!). :)

But really - it can be so romantic! 

You never see movies of people ice skating hand in hand while it's raining, now do you? (Serendipity anyone?)  

And at the same time I am kind of wishing that I was somewhere warm. So I'm back to the vacation question. Where to go, where to go? 

Anyone? Any ideas?

Bonaire was definitely amazing!  

And I didn't get a chance to go windsurfing like I wanted to. That would be awesome! 
*No, this is not me. And on second thought, maybe it is tougher than I initially thought! 
I definitely love the feel of the sun of my face, a warm breeze blowing across my skin, and playing in the waves. 

I also love fresh fruit! I actually had some of the best mango ever in Cozumel! It may have just been the environment, but it was still amazing. 

And speaking of fresh fruit and surfing... :) You know what is coming - well, sort of! 

Surf Sweets!
They have developed a line of all natural, organic gummy candy and jelly beans. 

And take it from me - they are fantastic! 

"Surf Sweets products are made with natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juice and sweeteners, and provide you with your daily allowance of Vitamin C. We are also one of the only candies made without corn syrup."

Surf Sweets: Organic Fruity Hearts - they are organic gummies AND the company partners with the Ocean Project.
Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts - limited edition for Valentine's Day
 * This is a must have for your special Valentine!

Surf Sweets: Organic Gummy Bears - they are organic gummies AND the company partners with the Ocean Project.
Organic Gummy Bears
Surf Sweets: Organic Jelly Beans - they are organic AND the company partners with the Ocean Project.
Organic Jelly Beans

Not only do Surf Sweet's products taste great, but they are also committed to helping the world - they do this not only by using natural organic products but they also partner with The Ocean Project. 

"Surf Sweets supports organizations that are committed to improving the health of our planet. In addition to using earth-friendly all natural and organic ingredients in our candies, we are proud to partner with The Ocean Project, the largest network ever formed to focus on ocean conservation. The Ocean Project works with over 1,000 partner aquariums, zoos, science museums and other educational organizations to inform, educate and protect our planet's oceans. For more information visit"

"The Surf Sweets brand was inspired by fun, healthy lifestyles and food choices. Sunny days on the beach, riding a few waves, and enjoying the best candy on the planet – what could be better?
Since we love candy and eat it regularly, we thought it made sense to offer candy that not only tastes fantastic, but that is a better choice for you, your family and for the environment."

Really though people - you MUST try these, because I have to say that this definitely satisfies my gummy bear cravings (yes, I really have those) and then some! 


  1. This is awesome! You can rarely find anything that is usually made from gelatin (like gummies) without the animal byproducts in them. Very exciting!

  2. They are soooo good! I'll have to bring them in for you to try next week! I haven't tried the jelly beans yet, but the gummies were great!