Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Weekend wrap-up

I was lucky enough to have a long weekend – again which is why I’m posting about it today. It is going to stink for the next 4 months…no more long holiday weekends for a while.

Looks like I will have to plan a long weekend vacation.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go?

We actually have a free flight to anywhere that AirTran flies to that we need to use before May – gotta love getting bumped on your way home from a great vacation when you aren’t in a huge hurry to get home! :)

Friday night was fun – went to eat and then to the casino…BUUUUTTT I didn’t win anything so it was a bit of a let-down. Luckily my conservative accountant side kicks in and won’t let me gamble ridiculously (and by ridiculously I mean over $25!). EVEN though…I do really enjoy roulette…

Saturday was a lazy day until I decided to finally get a shower around 4:00 in the afternoon and get my butt out of the house. I went to the mall for a bit and then to dinner with the hubby. It was a good evening.

Sunday was another pretty lazy day and really just ventured out to go grocery shopping and then ended up eating dinner at about 9:00. Are you seeing a recurring theme here? J Watched the Blind Side – have you seen it? I thought it was great!

And then there was Monday…I decided that I was going to live in my yoga pants and sweatshirt (Hey! I’m dressed up all week…I think I deserve it now and then!). I did the chiropractor thing in the morning, ate ice cream, and cooked for a majority of the afternoon and evening so that we aren’t eating fast food all week.

Beef and Barley soup from How Sweet It Is (www.howsweeteats.com)
Beef and Barley soup - How Sweet It Is
I made a great homemade chicken pot pie and some amazing Beef and Barley soup – recipe compliments of How Sweet It Is (www.howsweeteats.com).

I love cooking so if you know of any recipes that are fast and easy or that I can make ahead of time to make during the week – please, PLEASE let me know!

Whew! I’m asking for a lot from you guys tonight!

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

While I was at the mall I stopped by Macy’s because I had just found out about these shoes: Uwezo. www.uwezo.com

They are really cute and I could see them with a bunch of different outfits.

Uwezo - Each purchase empowers African children with education.
Uwezo shoes
And that’s just the part on the surface – let’s get down to what’s under the skin.

I thought this from their site was pretty profound:

“What is style without substance?

You create the world you want to live in with each dollar you spend. Just short of free-speech, fashion is immediate self-expression. What you think. What you care about.

Uwezo is beauty, strength and the opportunity for each of us to make an individual contribution. Uwezo is the promise of unrealized potential. Uwezo is peace, prosperity and individual relationships with the power to turn surviving into thriving.”

For every purchase that is made they generate funds for African children’s scholarships and the reinvest revenues in Africa.


“There is far more to Africa than the images frequently displayed in the media. Communities are strong. Joy is prevalent. Faith in the future is undeterred. And its children—many of whom are orphaned or vulnerable—are filled with possibility. 

Maximizing potential through a holistic approach to education Empower African Children provides tools for success in life, creating confident, skillful, visionary leaders. Because we know that when someone believes in you—when someone is willing to invest deeply in you—amazing things happen.”

So what do you think? Possibly a new pair of Uwezo’s in your future?  I think so!

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