Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bobbi Panter Pet Products

I imagine many of you have great stories about your pets if you are a pet owner, grew up with pets, have friends who have pets, etc.

I know that I definitely do!

One of my favorites is about the time that my pretty puppy, Daisy, was in the house barking.
*Yes she is smiling

We try to discourage her from barking in the house for no reason – she can be pretty loud.

So one night, she felt that she had a lot to say and was barking and carrying on.

She’s so funny when she gets wound up…she will do the Japanese-movie-dog-move where her mouth moves but she doesn’t make any noise until a few seconds later.

Anyway, she is barking away and the husband tells her to use her indoor voice.

I wish I were making this up when I tell you but I’m really not this creative.

She really dropped her volume by at least 50% and continued barking.

The look on his face was priceless and he looked at me like I did something.

My response, “I swear I didn’t teach her that!”

It was classic! LOL!!!

Have you heard of Bobbi Panter Pet Products yet?   www.bobbipanter.com

“For everyone who loves their pet like a family member, Bobbi Panter products provide a way to give something special back for their unconditional love.”

Bobbi Panter supports multiple rescues and shelters in addition to giving back to the pets that they love as well as your little furry loves too!

They have multiple lines for your dogs, puppies, and cats – all with natural products. So good you would want to use them on yourself!
Bobbi Panter Natural Pet Products - they support multiple rescues and shelters

Well, maybe – I prefer to smell like me, not my dog. :)  But still good stuff!

Here are some of the products that you can find from Bobbi Panter:
Scratchy Cat Shampoo
Smelly Cat Shampoo (makes me think of “Friends” every time I see that stuff!)
Shaggy Cat Shampoo (and conditioner in one)
Bobbi’s Gorgeous dry dog & cat
Bobbi’s Itchy Dog
Bobbi’s Snarly Dog – leave-in, spray-on conditioner and detangler
Bobbi’s Stinky Dog
And a bunch more too!

For everyone who loves their pet like a family member, Bobbi Panter products provide a way to give something special back for their unconditional love. 
“Originally developed for Bobbi's blind dog, Bobo, the Bobbi Panter line of shampoos and conditioners will not only make your pet look, smell and feel terrific but they will also make you feel terrific for using only the best on your loved one. Each ingredient is manufacturer specific according to Bobbi's personally owned formula, custom blended with high percentages of essential oils to achieve their sought after results and made with love in the USA! Our high quality, hand picked ingredients are so gentle and feel and smell so great that you can and will want to use them as often as you like.”

There are a lot of terrific products that I am sure your pets would love and so would you! If you are having a smelly dog issue right now like I am, give them a try!  I’m sure your pretty pets will thank you!

Bobbi Panter Natural Pet Products

*I received some clarification regarding the product lines and I wanted to share this information with you - "Both the signature line and Bobbi Panter Natural are all natural and Bebe and Cece has natural ingredients," Bobbi Panter. 

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