Friday, February 10, 2012

Leighelena for Project Paz

Weekly wrap-up

Happy Friday!

Here’s what was keeping me entertained this week (in no particular order):

1) Pittsburgh Dad on YouTube – the Thanksgiving episode was probably my favorite.  And I promise – all Pittsburgher’s aren’t like that! (

2) Hummus and carrots. I know…super strange. I had it for lunch 2 times this week and I think 3 times last week. It’s great for the diet!

3) This nail polish from Sephora – 
Picture from   Color is Sephora-212

4) This pizza from Luciano’s. I think it was what helped get me through the week. We plan our dinner menus during the weekend for the upcoming week and we had talked about it on Sunday – been looking forward to it ever since!

5) My elliptical (to work off that pizza!) and watching my guilty TV shows that most people do in the comfort of their own basements or bedrooms in the dark – you know what I’m talking about! (The Bachelor anyone? And is it just me, or are you not loving Ben this season? I’m not a big fan…)

6) Cheez-It Crackers – I can put down boxes of those. And not the small boxes, I hate to admit this but I’m talking about the ones from Sam’s Club.

7) Daisy looking this funny:

8) This bracelet from Leighelena for Project Paz
 Leighelena for Project Paz - Thin Jigsaw Project Paz Bracelet

Our signature bracelet line is available for a limited time for a philanthropic cause!

Project Paz is a nonprofit organization created by a group of young professionals from the Ciudad Juárez/El Paso area who want to promote peace in Ciudad Juárez, México. All the funds we raise support projects geared towards spreading hope to future generations and current victims of the violence, one project at a time.

Leigh Navarro, designer of Leighelena and an El Paso native, has created this bracelet in "mink" lizard skin exclusively for Project Paz. 100 per cent of the proceeds will go directly to Project Paz' efforts.”

These are the other 2 bracelets that are for the Project Paz cause:
Leighelena for Project Paz - Double Wrap Jigsaw Project Paz Bracelet  Leighelana - Wide Jigsaw Buckle Project Paz Bracelet

Pretty fun, huh? Guess I have something else to add to my wish list now! This blog is going to make gift lists for me very easy next Christmas! J

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