Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tonight I got home, worked out, had dinner, cleaned up, and watched an episode of “Cougar Town”.
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Are you getting the feeling that I watch too much TV?

Yeah, I think so too. But after a whole day at work I just want to relax on the couch and not have to really think.

I was going somewhere with that cleaning up thing. Really – I was!

I make the hubby nuts – well probably for more reasons than what I’m going to tell you about.

He will be nice, clean up the dishes, and put them in the dishwasher.

That’s great, right?! Most wives would be happy with that.

But no, not me….and it isn’t that I’m not happy about it. I do really appreciate it.

He just doesn’t do it right. He puts the dishes in the wrong places, and it never fails – I come along and have to re-organize the dishwasher.

Does my dishwasher have an instruction manual as to where everything belongs? Um, not that I know of.

How is it wrong then? It really just is! There really is a method to my madness!

I’m honestly convinced that I can fit more dishes into the dishwasher if they are set up the way that I put them in vs. the way that he does it.

Sorry sweetie!

So speaking of cleaning and methods – have you used Method cleaning products yet?

Really? Cleaning products you ask?

Method Fabric Softener - "ow in a fresh new design and an extended line of fragrances, method fabric softener with plant-based smartsoft technology™ leaves clothes cozy, cuddly and smelling lovely. with just a few tiny squirts, this ultra-concentrated formula uses naturally derived softening oils to infuse every load with softness + sublime scent, without leaving waxy residue on your fabrics. if only everything could be such a cinch."Method - Squirt + Mop hard floor cleaner - "smells so good, you practically want to eat off the floor. we don't recommend it. but it is good to know this no-wax formula is non-toxic and biodegradable. makes you want to throw out the timer on that whole 5-second rule. plus, the ergonomically designed shower-nozzle spray covers your floors in fewer sweeps and helps avoid puddling."Method - Multi-surface Wipes - "some days, you just don't have the energy to pull the trigger on a spray bottle. that's when our multi-surface wipes really come in handy. these sweet-smelling, non-toxic wipes not only conserve energy (yours), they're made from compostable bamboo fibers that biodegrade safely — helping keep our planet every bit as clean as your kitchen."

Yes! This company is awesome!

The Method products are good for you, easy on the environment (natural and they don’t use the damaging chemicals that are found in so many other products), they are a green company, and they are working to make the best products that they can for you! Because they love you and the planet!

Their products include everything from household cleaners (surface sprays, wipes, cleaners) to baby bubble bath and laundry products also.
Method - Pure Naked Moisturing Body Wash - "naked is natural. it’s pure. it’s undisguised. just like our body wash. which is packed with rich moisturizers without containing any dirty stuff, like parabens, phthalates or EDTA. it simply leaves your birthday suit soft, clean and party ready. not to mention delicately scented in a fresh, nature-inspired fragrance."
Method - Squeaky Green baby hair + body wash - "keep baby clean and happy, head to toe, with our 99% natural, all-over wash. it's gentle on baby and easy on mom with a reusable lid that does double duty as a handy rinsing cup." Method - "squeaky green baby bubbly bath     bubbly babbly good times     this easy-squeezy bubble bath gently cleans with lasting spherical fun. It's 99% natural, hypo-allergenic, pediatrician tested and sleep-deprived mom approved."Method - Mickey Mouse Foaming Hand Wash 
There are so many products that if you aren’t already familiar with them, it would be a great idea for you to to stop by: to see everything they offer.

You should really check out this page too while you are there: - They have a page of “the humanifesto”.
                                  Pinned Image Method 

Here are a few of them, but there are a bunch more that you need to see too!

Next time you need to buy some cleaning products check out the Method line at your local retailer or wherever you might be shopping! 

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