Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teas' Tea

Yay for Work from Home Wednesday!

How is it that I was super crazy busy all day – and yes, only with work stuff? It was good though – I got a bunch done so that was nice.

Miley hung out with me today too which was an added bonus. She sat next to me when I was working at the breakfast bar and then decided to take a nap when she thought she worked too hard. J

Chloe and Libby watched me work for a while too and then they decided that they were ready to go back to sleep.

 And then there was my Daisy dog…she felt the need to be outside as many times as possible because I was home. Yeah, I wasn’t giving in to that game today though. Sorry Dais.

I did go out this morning for a doctor’s appointment and I was really debating on stopping for a coffee but I managed to stay focused and get back home to do the work that I needed to do.

I have to ask though – why are drivers SOOOOOO bad anymore?

Someone – please – anyone? Any answers?

I can’t tell you how many people I saw today not use their turn signals. I don’t know about your car, but I know that they weren’t an option in mine when I bought it so I assume that all cars come with them, right?

Then to make the day even more entertaining, or should I just say – to solidify my point about bad drivers – I heard on the news that a woman took out 7 or 8 cars at a dealership near my house today too.
(And that isn’t the first time I have seen something like that happen – see picture.)
*Note the cars to the right side of the pic
Now don’t get me wrong, there could have been a serious issue there – a medical condition or something - and to that I feel really bad, but to total a few cars and then wrap your car around a pole after doing so my guess is that someone wasn’t doing the 40 MPH speed limit in that area (BUT I will say that I can definitely be wrong - it wouldn’t be a first!). My thoughts go out to the person involved and hope that she is okay.

I mentioned before that the hubby and I were in an accident a few months ago – well the accident today was in just about the same spot. And I have heard of too many instances where friends of mine had their children in their car and were almost hit by someone texting while driving.

It is scary and people don’t think about the fact that they are driving a vehicle that could potentially kill another person.  Please just think about it before you do something stupid behind the wheel – before you text your friend or drive after drinking. 

And please just USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS. I promise – it won’t hurt you! And in the spirit of helping other people – it will help others know what you intend to do!

Sorry and that’s my soapbox for the day!

Whew – it got too serious in here for my liking tonight! If you are a new reader –please, read a few of my other posts…I don’t typically get on rants such as this. I like to keep the posts fun and light – I swear!

Enough of that! Let’s get back to my caffeine fix!

I really like tea. As in, have a drawer full of different types of teas in our kitchen. I like hot tea and cold tea, white teas, green teas, black teas, chai teas, and so many other different flavors.

Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee too, but I have to be in the mood for coffee.

Tea and me…we could hang out together every day.

So it is very fitting that I have found this company that I want to talk about tonight – Teas’ Tea.

I came across this company while perusing the grocery store shelves one day and saw that they have a Crispy Apple Black Tea. I had to have it!

There are 3 main lines – Classic, Low Calorie, and Unsweetened.  Go to to see all of the flavors.
Teas’ Tea is a part of the company ITO EN which “was founded in May 2001 with the mission of introducing ITO EN's line of green tea products and establishing a culture and interest in authentic green tea in the United States and beyond.”

They have a strong belief in corporate social responsibility and focus on the environment, their communities, the workplace, and even in research and development.

On the environment side of things ITO EN “Follows 5 Environmental Action Guidelines” which include working to prevent global warming and air pollution as well as “increasing employee awareness of the global environment. “

They also use packaging that is recyclable and they recycle the tea leaves that they use to make their drinks with. I thought it was pretty interesting so I wanted to share the link in case you wanted to take a better look:

All I’m going to say is that they can make benches from used tea leaves! I’m impressed!

They also have a research and development side of things and they have 2 main focus points here: Cancer Research and Research on Health Benefits of Green Tea. There are a lot of interesting details here too:

Overall the company is pretty impressive and so are their teas – so drink up! J Here’s to Teas’ Tea!!!

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