Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brelli Review

Hey Brelli! Want to be my new friend?

You do?!

That’s great – because I really like you!

I received my Brelli a few weeks ago, and can you believe I haven’t had the opportunity to use it until just the other day?

Yeah, I know! I wouldn’t believe that living in Pittsburgh either, but I’m not lying to you. I wouldn’t do that!

I have a small clear Brelli and it is a good size for just me. 

It is nice and sturdy with the bamboo handle and spokes.

I used it on a pretty windy and pouring-down kind of rain and it definitely held up very well!

I really wanted to just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and stare up through the middle of the top since it is clear and watch the rain come down on me, but
a) I was running late for work,
b) I HATE rain,
 and c) I’m pretty sure someone might have pushed me out of the way or something given the fact that I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, in the middle of the city, in the middle of rush hour! J

The reaction that I get when I tell people that it is biodegradable is “What? It disintegrates in the rain while you are using it?”

Uh no! That wouldn’t be very effective, now would it?!


And then I have to explain that it biodegrades in less than five years.

The only thing that I found to be a little odd about my Brelli was the fact that when it is open it is very straight across rather than sloping down a bit like most umbrellas do.

But really – if that is the only thing that I could find as a con – I would say that is pretty great! And really that is just because it isn’t what I was accustomed to seeing/using.

Overall, I would have to say that it would make a great gift and worth the money, and especially worth knowing that you will be helping the environment along the way!


  1. Thanks for this nice review!

    1. I have to thank you again for sending me a Brelli! I absolutely love it! I'm still using it and it's going strong! :)