Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy first day of Spring!!!

Today was a great day to have some spring fever!

Here are some pictures (taken by yours truly) from today: 

And since we are talking about change tonight with the seasons changing, I think it’s a great time to talk about being able to change a child /or children’s life/lives.

Tonight I want to tell you about wise•abe.  http://www.wiseabe.com/index.html
 wise abe - "buy a bag & help send a student to college"
“wise•abe was founded with the idea of creating a business that designs and produces a unique product with the hopes of impacting the impoverished through education”

wise•abe makes messenger bags, clutches, and pillows out of recycled coffee bags.
wise abe - "buy a bag & help send a student to college"wise abe - "buy a bag & help send a student to college"wise abe - "buy a bag & help send a student to college"

It is such a simple concept and one that is working to make a big impact on the future of children.

“When our product is purchased, 10% of the purchase price from each sale benefits Compassion’s Leadership Development Program.

This will help students in poverty-stricken communities have the chance to obtain a college education. We believe education is a key tool that will help release families and communities from poverty.

We are partnering with Compassion’s Leadership Development Program program which gives students who could never afford a formal education the opportunity to go to college. Our dream is that through their education they will bring what they have learned back to their community, ultimately releasing their community from poverty.

Our dream is that we are able to sponsor multiple students and put them through a 4-year education.” 
To get more information about how this whole thing came about go to http://www.wiseabe.com/ourstory.html.

And if you would like to learn more about the students that they are helping stop by http://www.wiseabe.com/ourstudents.html.

I also would like to share a little about Compassion’s Leadership Development Program:
Compassion’s Leadership Development Program, the world’s leading holistic child development ministry, releases children from poverty in the name of Jesus. The ministry serves more than 1.2 million children in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. Children in Compassion’s programs learn to thrive spiritually, economically, socially and physically. Compassion strives to help children become fulfilled, Christian adults who go on to shatter the cycle of poverty.”

Please, help a child in need, “buy a bag & help send a student to college”. 

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