Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter / Weekly wrap-up

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it!

Today was a very nice day spent with my husband’s family (and now mine too)!  We went to his 96 year old grandmother’s house and the woman is amazing! She actually got upset with me for doing the dishes after dinner because “she would have done them after we left”.

Don’t worry Grandma – we were happy to help!

I think I’m a little late – again – on the weekly wrap-up but hopefully the bunch of pictures that I have for you will make up for it. It was a pretty busy week!

1) The weather has still been holding and has been great here, which is pretty amazing in and of itself! 

BUT that just means we finally had to break down and cut our dandelion garden grass.

2) My co-worker finished his last week in our department which was pretty sad, but I’m happy for him – he has a new position that is a great opportunity. Now it’s my turn to find something and move on up!

3) I’ve been driving past this place every morning when I drop the hubby off at work and finally broke down and convinced us that we needed some.

Unfortunately these were the only 2 that survived long enough to have their pictures taken, but trust me – you wouldn’t have been disappointed if you saw the other 10! (And no, I did not eat 10 donuts!!! I shared after I took my sampling of about 6 of them. Go ahead and laugh…I thought it was pretty funny!)     

4) Oh we went to get pizza with some of our friends on Friday night. There were 5 of us and a 6 month old baby…we had 6 LARGE pizzas. We came home with almost 2 full pizzas that were leftover and there were 2 other boxes that were pretty full too!

Here’s the story – first and foremost you should know that when we get together we have a bit of an issue of ordering WAAAAYYY too much food, but let’s face it, it’s a good time!

The waitress comes out with the first pizza, no problem, the 2nd one she brings out and tells us that they made a mistake, but they have the right one in the oven and it will be right out but to enjoy the mistake – it’s ours to keep. Then they come out with a 3rd, and then the 4th, and she tells us that they made a mistake, but the right one is in the oven and it will be right out (you know the drill).

At this point we are cracking up and have taken over 3 tables.

So we ended up with SIX LARGE pizzas for 5 adults! CRAZY, but man was it good!!!!

5) Have you seen the show BENT? It’s pretty funny. I’m a big fan of mindless sitcoms in case you haven’t gotten that yet!

6) Keeping myself entertained in the car is a good thing for me and the hubby…which is how I ended up with this picture.
Trust me – I’m an awful car buddy – I turn into Donkey from Shrek complete with the mouth popping noises when I get bored…which is usually somewhere around the 1 hour mark. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I get to drive a lot of the time – it keeps me amused and therefore, quiet. J

7) I went to a friend’s baby shower on Saturday – it was beautiful. She looks great! And it was a really nice time. Know what made it just a little bit nicer? Winning this:

BUT since I have very little luck – I only won $7 and 2 free tickets. I still had fun thinking about what I would have done if I would have hit it big.

Now what do I do with my winnings? I’m thinking invest in more tickets and see how that goes. LOL!

And since it’s Easter and I’ve rambled on this long, I am going to save the next product feature for tomorrow – I hope you aren’t too disappointed!

Have a great week everyone and I’ll talk to you soon! 

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