Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Sunday!

Hi friends –glad you stopped by again!

Well, as I mentioned, the week started out horribly terrible. And yes, I’m still working on that broken heart thing, but I do know that as time goes on it will get better. I miss Chloe more than I can tell you, but I also realize that she is in a better place now and isn’t hurting.

Enough about that though! Let’s talk about some of the things that helped cheer me up this week!

1) Going out with new friends Friday night for pasta at one of my favorite restaurants – good friends AND pasta!!! That sounds like a win-win in my world!
2) Getting to laugh at insanely funny stories the new friends told us. Anyone know anything about a pregnant girl driving like a wild woman with Ozzy blaring? I do! J

3) Knowing that our Vegas trip is coming up soon! YAY for vacations!

4) Finally being cleared from my doctor from my concussion! YAY!

5) My very tough boss finally complimenting a report that I put together. This day has taken a year and a half to come.

6) Finding out about THIS site. I particularly love this one!

7) Getting kisses from Libby and huge purrs from Miley in the morning and Daisy grinning with all of her teeth – it looks ridiculous, but it’s hysterical.

8) Ending the week with this sign outside of the uni-sex bathroom in my office. Tee hee! J

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