Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plum Organics

Good evening!

It’s been quite the weekend – again. And they just seem to go faster and faster and faster with each passing one. Everyone says that time flies when you have a little one, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

Friday night we went to a fish fry with a few of our friends and their 2 little ones. Their Little C and Baby A-2 are adorable! We sat down and had the baby girls at the end next to each other – both Baby A’s were together. As we sat there eating, I looked over in time to see my Baby A sharing her food with Baby A-2 who is about 5 months younger. She was so sweetly setting the food onto her tray and watching to see if she would eat it. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride wash over me – just watching how kind and sweet my little baby girl is, and a hope that she will always stay this way.

I feel like as parents, we all do the best that we can. And I guess at some point we just need to hope that something we did was right and will stick to make them good little people when they are on their own, and we aren’t standing over them making sure they are doing the right things.  

We decided from the beginning that we wanted to do the best we could (for us – I know this is a highly personal choice and everyone does what they feel is best for their family) with starting Baby A out on mama milk (breast milk) and organic purees and fruits and veggies when she started solids.

One of the products that we have used from the beginning of Baby A’s solid food adventure is Plum Organics. She has always been a fan of most of their products. Of course, all babies have their own personal preferences – we’ve been very lucky and she is a very good eater and loves fruits and veggies.
Not only is Plum an organic company (as their name indicates), but they also give back where they can. “The Full EffectTM is Plum’s program dedicated to nourishing little ones in need across America.” Check out their website to see everything they do – it’s pretty awesome! I wasn’t aware of how they worked to help kids until I was looking for companies to write about, but I’m happy to say that our family supports them.

In addition to “The Full EffectTM”, be sure to take a look at their “Partners” that they support. All really great stuff!

Plum has a variety of products for a range of ages from baby to tots to kids. They have puree pouches in fruits, vegetables, yogurts, and mixes. They have snack foods that include Little Cremes, Little Yums, Super Puffs, and Fiddlesticks just to name a few.

Even though Baby A is fully eating solids at this point, we still give her pouches as a “supplement” whenever I feel that she isn’t getting enough nutrition from the meal we are having – you know – for those pizza nights or whenever she’s feeling picky. We will continue to buy Plum products especially now that I know more about what a good company they are! 

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