Getting to know me!

About me:

Hi! My name is Kelly and I am many things…I am wife, a mommy to our baby girl "A", a mommy to my pets, a sister, and a friend. I am friendly and easy-going, smart and a smart-@ss, kind, and hopefully fun to be around! J  I am married to a great man, have an amazing little girl, have 3 cats, a fluffy big dog (no, her name isn’t Clifford and she’s not red!), and live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.  I work as an accountant in finance…not the worst job in the world, but not the most glorious either. 

I enjoy fashion, but am a little special when it comes to putting together super trendy outfits, so I tend to stay on the safe side of things. That seems to explain what my husband would probably call my obsession of shoes.
I love food and would be a vegetarian if only I enjoyed more veggies, but it’s a work in progress. I have finally conquered my need to like broccoli and am now can’t get enough!
I also love to travel and am an Advanced Certified SCUBA diver.  I have traveled to many places throughout the U.S. but am a sucker when it comes to a white sand beach with clear turquoise water – can’t get enough!
I have always had a soft spot for animals and love to help people, and as you can imagine, working for a financial institution in one of the many accounting/finance areas, I don’t always have that opportunity.  I have developed this blog as my way of helping the world in any way that I can which is why the stores/ companies/ products you will see somehow contribute to people who can use some help, or don’t test on animals, or good for the environment, or gives back in some way. I am in no way an expert but I am someone who would like to help out.
Please feel free to leave comments or email me with any questions that you have and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy! J